Our Startups

At Rework Technologies, we are not only building custom solutions for Businesses, we are building Startups.


BlendStudy – Collaborative Study for Higher Education Students

BLENDSTUDY an app that empowers University, Polytechnic and College students to Create, Connect, Study, Share and collaborate with each other.

“The future of education is creativity; the best of creativity is gotten in collaboration (Teamwork) not Competition”.



Doublet – Communication App For Couples

Doublet is an amazing mobile app for couples in love to communicate privately. Share photos, send letter, Chat, Send kisses. Doublet requires two people to complete a full registration to enable both of them communicate in a secured environment without any other party involved.
With its unique look and features Doublet has seen fast increase and downloads from over 20 countries in a very short time of publishing.
Doublet is fast becoming a home for Couples. Our mission is to bring Couples closer together.